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Pence: US will never allow Iran to threaten Israel with nuclear weapons

US Vice President Mike Pence vowed Saturday that Washington would ensure Iran could never threaten Israel with nuclear weapons.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Pence singled out Tehran as “the leading state sponsor of terrorism” and slammed it for continuously destabilizing the Middle East.

“Thanks to the end of nuclear-related sanctions under the [nuclear deal] Iran now has additional resources to devote to these efforts,” he said.

“Let me be clear again: Under President Trump the United States will remain fully committed to ensuring that Iran never obtains a nuclear weapon capable of threatening our countries, our allies in the region, especially Israel.”

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard meanwhile announced it will conduct military drills next week, despite repeated warnings from the United States and fresh sanctions over a ballistic missile test.


“The maneuvers called ‘Grand Prophet 11’ will start Monday and last three days,” General Mohammad Pakpour, commander of the force’s ground units, said in a news conference.

He said rockets would be used without specifying which kind.

In early February, Iran conducted drills involving short-range missiles at a time of heightened tensions with the United States.

The Islamic republic said the exercises were aimed at demonstrating Iran’s “complete preparedness to deal with the threats” and “humiliating sanctions” from Washington.

US President Donald Trump slapped fresh sanctions against Tehran’s weapons procurement network following a ballistic missile test on January 29.

“Iran would do well to look at the calendar and realize there’s a new president in the Oval Office. And Iran would do well not to test the resolve of this new president,” Vice President Mike Pence said earlier this month.

New Pentagon chief James Mattis, for his part, has branded Iran “the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world”.

Iranian officials have rejected the threats emphasizing that the missile program is purely defensive and would not be used to attack other countries or carry nuclear warheads.

On Thursday, an Iranian official claimed Israel’s nuclear arsenal was the biggest danger to world peace.

Israel is believed to be the Middle East’s sole nuclear power but it has long refused to confirm or deny that it has such weapons.

A war of words has been escalating between Tehran and Washington since even before Trump took office in January.

Under Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, the US and five other world powers reached a 2015 deal with Iran to lift sanctions in return for curbs on its nuclear program.

Trump himself has repeatedly denounced the historic accord as “one of the worst deals I’ve ever seen.”

ISIS video calls on jihadis to kill Australian Islamic clerics

ISIS terrorists have called for the death of three Australian religious scholars in their latest propaganda video.

The video has urged ISIS followers to kill the clerics because they interact with other faiths and don’t promote violence in a 25 minute propaganda video called ‘Fight the leaders of disbelief’, according to Fairfax.

In a disturbing escalation from the previous videos, ISIS terrorists were called to kill Youth leader Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, NSW Police Force chaplain Sheikh Ahmed Abdo and the Grand Mufti of Australia Ibrahim Abu Mohamed – whose images appear in the video.


The three Australians, among a list of several Muslim clerics around the world shown in the video, were targeted because they are ‘collaborators, informers and apostates’.

Without directly naming the Australians in the video, it calls for the ‘traitors’ to be killed.

‘Those traitors are sitting in airconditioned rooms attacking the mujahideen and supporting the polytheists,’ the video says according to Fairfax.

Put an end to their evilness and kill them.’


The Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Abu Mohamed was pictured in the video shaking hands with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and an Anglican minister.

Sheikh Abdo was pictured in the video with Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione.


The ISIS video showed Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman delivering a sermon. Shiekh Alsuleiman talked about how Islamic extremism would not gain you entry into heaven.

‘What Islam are you talking about?’ he said in the sermon when asking how killing cops and non-believers is upholding Islam.

The distressing video was removed from Youtube.


US blocks appointment of former PA PM as UN envoy to Libya

The United States blocked the appointment of former Palestinian Authority prime minister Salam Fayyad to be the new UN envoy to Libya.

US Ambassador Nikki Haley said in a statement that she did not “support the signal this appointment would send within the United Nations,” where the imaginary state of Palestine does not have full membership.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had informed the Security Council this week of his intention to name Fayyad to lead the UN support mission in Libya and help broker talks on a faltering political deal.

Haley said the United States was “disappointed” to see the letter from Guterres, his first appointment of an envoy to a major conflict area.

“For too long, the UN has been unfairly biased in favor of the Palestinian Authority to the detriment of our allies in Israel,” said the US ambassador.

“Going forward, the United States will act, not just talk, in support of our allies.”

The UN chief had given the council until late Friday to consider the choice, and the United States came forward to raise objections.

Fayyad, 64, was prime minister of the Palestinian Authority from 2007 to 2013, and also served as finance minister twice.

He had been tapped to replace Martin Kobler of Germany, who has been the Libya envoy since November 2015.


Muslim raped his 14-year-old child bride after illegal Islamic ceremony in Melbourne

A girl who was raped by a Muslim she was forced to marry was just 14 years old at the time, a court has heard.

Melbourne man Mohammad Shakir, 34, is accused of having sex with the girl between September 30 and October 1, 2016, following their wedding.

The ceremony was conducted by ex-Imam Ibrahim Omerdic, 61, who also faces charges relating to the illegal marriage.

The girl is in a ‘fragile state’ and has ‘ongoing health issues’, prosecutor Ranjani Padmanabhan told Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday.

Shakir appeared at court via video link and was told through an interpreter that the child’s mother, stepfather, police and a Department of Health and Human Services representative would give evidence at his committal hearing.

Omerdic, former imam of the Bosnian Islamic Society and Noble Park Mosque, was stood down after his November arrest and later sacked.

‘A new Imam has been appointed. Omerdic is no longer the Imam of the Noble Park Mosque and has no role with the Society,’ a Noble Park Mosque statement read at the time.


They said Omerdic’s marriage celebrant license had also been revoked.

When he appeared via videolink in Melbourne Magistrates Court last month, he broke down in tears throughout the hearing, the Herald Sun reported.

Omerdic’s sacking came after the Victorian Board of Imams condemned marriages that were illegal in Australia.

‘As Australian Muslims we are required to observe and respect the laws of Australia,’ it said in a statement in January.

The Islamic Council of Victoria also condemned underage marriages, despite saying it was acceptable in some cultures.

‘It is true that marriage at a younger age is permitted in other countries and cultures, but this is not a justification for marriage below the legal age or child marriages here in Australia,’ it said.

Omerdic is on bail while Shakir remains in custody.

The committal hearing is scheduled for April 18.

UN to hold urgent meeting on Iran missile test at US request

The UN Security Council scheduled urgent consultations Tuesday on an Iranian ballistic missile test at the request of the United States.

The US Mission to the United Nations said it wanted the UN’s most powerful body to discuss Sunday’s launch of a medium-range missile.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said earlier that he did not know the “exact nature” of the test and expected to have more information later.

A defense official said the missile test ended with a “failed” re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. The official had no other details, including the type of missile. The official was not authorized to discuss the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Iran is the subject of a United Nations Security Council resolution prohibiting tests of ballistic missiles designed to deliver a nuclear warhead. As part of the 2015 nuclear deal, the UN ban was prolonged by eight years, although Iran has flaunted the restriction.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the US was looking into whether the ballistic missile test violates the US Security Council resolution.

“When actions are taken that violate or are inconsistent with the resolution, we will act to hold Iran accountable and urge other countries to do so as well,” Toner said.

Sen. Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, condemned Iran for the missile test.


“No longer will Iran be given a pass for its repeated ballistic missile violations, continued support of terrorism, human rights abuses and other hostile activities that threaten international peace and security,” Corker, a Republican from Tennessee, said in a written statement.

Netanyahu mentioned the incident himself earlier that day on his Facebook page. He wrote in Hebrew, “Over the weekend, Iran launched another ballistic missile. This is a blatant violation of the Security Council’s decision. I will be meeting with President Trump in Washington soon. I will bring up the need for renewing the sanction against Iran, sanctions against ballistic missiles and sanctions against terrorism, in addition to handling this whole failed agreement.”

He added, “Iranian aggression cannot be left without a response.”


Israel’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Amb. Danny Danon, discussed the launch and stressed that Iran once again contravened the UN Security Council’s resolution and exposed its true intentions.

Danon added that the international committee can no longer bury its head in the sand and ignore Iranian aggressions. He urged the UN to act immediately against Iranian actions that put both Israel and entire Middle East at risk.

According to UN Security Council Resolution 1929: “Iran is prohibited from undertaking any activity related to ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons and States are required to take all necessary measure to prevent the transfer of related technology or technical assistance.”


Melbourne: Muslim screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ rams car into pedestrians. Police: not terror-related

A baby is among  four people who have been murdered after a Muslim terrorist rammed his car  into pedestrians in Melbourne’s city centre during the lunchtime rush.

The maroon vehicle was seen doing burnouts outside Flinders Street Station before driving into crowds of shoppers on busy Bourke Street at about 1.30pm, injuring at least 25 people.

According to witnesses, the driver was screaming, “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar!”…

Police shot a 26-year-old Muslim terrorist before dragging him out of a car and arresting him. He was wearing nothing but red underwear when he was detained at the Elizabeth Street end of the mall.


The mangled wreckage of half a pram remains stuck on the bonnet of the car, while what appears to be the other half is further up the mall at a pedestrian crossing on William Street. The baby who was inside it is believed to have died at the scene.


A male deliberately drove into pedestrians in the Bourke Street mall, and we currently have three deceased and at least 20 injuries,’ police said.

They later updated the number of victims to 25 people. Of those 25, four are children.

Officers said the incident is believed to be linked to a stabbing of a man in Windsor, in Melbourne’s south east at 2am on Friday.

The Muslim terrorist was known to police for a string of family violence-related assaults and suffers mental health and drug-related issues, according to the Victorian Chief Commissioner Graham Asthon.

In a press conference Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said the 26-year-old offender had become known to police following multiple incidents.

‘He is not on our books as having any connection with terrorism and we’re not regarding this as a terrorism-related incident. What we do know of the person is there is an extensive family violence history involved,’ Chief Commissioner said.

‘He has come to our attention on many occasions in the past. We have mental health and drug-related issues in the background of this particular person. He has been coming to our attention more recently over recent days in relation to assaults, family violence-related assaults.’

The Commissioner said police had attempted to intercept a vehicle the offender was driving in the morning, but had to abandon the chase due to the erratic nature of the driving.


Istanbul terrorist was sent 3 women by ISIS as a sick reward for New Year’s Eve massacre

The Istanbul nightclub terrorist who gunned down 39 people on New Year’s Eve was sent three women by ISIS as a sick reward for the massacre.

Muslim terrorist Abdulkadir Mashaipov was captured on Monday in a police operation in Istanbul and has since admitted carrying out the attack at the Reina nightclub as people celebrated the start of 2017.

Authorities later identified him as being from Uzbekistan and said he had been trained in Afghanistan to carry out the attack from ISIS.

Also arrested in the squalid hideout on Monday were three women from Somalia, Senegal and Egypt.


And according to Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, they had been sent to Masharipov by the terror group as a prize for his slaughter in the nightclub.

In some sections of Islam it is understood that those who die in the name of God are gifted 72 virgins upon reaching heaven.

While Mashaipov was clearly the recipient of a reward without having to give his life in the name of his religion, it is not clear if the women sent to him were virgins.

This comes as four other accomplices were also arrested in the run down flat, which was just 25 miles from the scene of the deadly assault.


Pictures have emerged from inside the apartment and show a shopping bag full of cash and a copy of the Koran lying among other possessions inside his lair.

A handwritten note on paper with red hearts, also apparently left at the scene, read: ‘Do what ever u want… I will not care any more and I can’t help any one of course I can’t help myself. But if you want this it’s okay but I will be in other place away from her.’

Two pistols, mobile phone SIM cards, and more than 100,000 euros in cash were seized when the Uzbekistan national was caught in his friend’s house in Esenyurt district of the city.

Meanwhile, the Hurriyet Daily News, citing security sources, said the Istanbul shooter had received orders directly from Raqqa, the main bastion of ISIS in Syria.

The report, citing Turkish authorities and police investigations, said the original target of the attack was Istanbul’s famous Taksim Square.


But the plan was modified in response to boosted security there, according to the report, which cited an account of events allegedly given by the terrorist.

Masharipov reportedly arrived into Turkey in January last year through Iran after receiving orders to join the war in Syria. He initially settled in the central Turkish city of Konya.

In preparation, Masharipov travelled to Istanbul on December 16, staying first at an ISIS house in the neighborhood of Basaksehir.

But on New Year’s Eve, he was quoted as saying it didn’t seem possible to carry out the attack in Taksim due to intense security measures. Masharipov then contacted his handler, who told him to find a new target.

He spotted the Reina night club at 10 p.m. while traveling by taxi on the banks of the Bosporus. He suggested the new target to his handler, who approved.

The Muslim terrorist then went to collect his weapon from the neighborhood of Zeytinburnu, where he went two days before the attack.

The gunman took out a security guard outside of the nightclub and another civilian before entering Reina and letting loose a salvo of bullets on people who were celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Turkish officials say the terrorist, who switched clothes at the nightclub, melted into the crowd of survivors and escaped the premises.

The Hurriyet report claimed police came close to apprehending Masharipov the day after the attack, spotting him on the back seat of a car. Police were fired on and the terrorist escaped.

‘I will be in other place away from here’: Note left by Istanbul terrorist along with pile of cash and Koran

A handwritten note has been found along with a pile of cash and a Koran at a bolt-hole where the Istanbul nightclub massacre terrorist was arrested, it has emerged.

Pictures have emerged from inside the apartment of Abdulkadir Masharipov, who murdered 39 revellers, including an Israeli Arab tourist, at the Reina venue on New Year’s Eve.

They show a shopping bag full of cash and a copy of the Koran lying among other possessions inside his lair, which was raided in a massive police operation last night.


A handwritten note on paper with red hearts, also apparently left at the scene, read: ‘Do what ever u want… I will not care any more and I can’t help any one of course I can’t help myself. But if you want this it’s okay but I will be in other place away from her.’

Two pistols, mobile phone SIM cards, and more than 100,000 euros in cash were seized when the Uzbekistan national was caught in his friend’s house in Esenyurt district of the city – just 25 miles from where the brutal terror attack took place.

This morning, Turkish authorities said Masharipov received training in Afghanistan and that he had admitted his guilt – while fingerprints matched those found at the scene.

Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin said there were strong indications that the terrorist, who spoke four languages, had entered Turkey illegally through its eastern borders, adding that it was clear the attack was carried out on behalf of ISIS.


The terrorist was finally tracked down and was pinned down by officers next to his four-year-old son, according to Turkish newspaper Hurriyet. He is now being transferred to Istanbul Police Headquarters.

A photograph shows Masharipov, an Uzbekistan national, covered in blood after officers put him in handcuffs. Private NTV television said the terrorist had resisted arrest.

NTV reported that the gunman’s Kyrgyz friend and three other people also were detained.


The television channel said police established the gunman’s whereabouts four or five days ago, but delayed the raid so they could monitor his movements and contacts.

This morning, Sahin told reporters Masharipov, born in Uzbekistan in 1983, confessed his crime.

‘He was trained in Afghanistan and can speak four languages. He’s a well-trained terrorist,’ Sahin added.

One Iraqi man and three women from Egypt and Africa were also detained at the apartment, alongside the terrorist, the governor said.


‘It is clear that the attack was carried out on behalf of Daesh,’ he said, adding that the other four suspects were likely linked to the jihadists.

Turkish media initially reported the terrorist was captured with his four-year-old son, but the governor said the child was not present during the police raid.

Police confiscated 185,000 euros, two weapons and clips at the apartment.

Some 2,000 police officers were involved in the operation backed by Turkish intelligence, according to the official. Police have raided approximately 152 addresses and detained 50 suspects, he said.


Sahin also said the suspected killer ‘illegally entered Turkey’ from its eastern borders.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the savage terror attack, adding that it was revenge for the Turkish military involvement in Syria.

On New Year’s Eve, the terrorist opened fire with an automatic rifle, reloading his weapon half a dozen times and shooting the wounded as they lay on the ground.

Turks as well as visitors from several Arab nations, India ,Canada  and Israel were among those killed in the attack.


Turkish security forces arrest Istanbul nightclub terrorist

The Muslim terrorist, who slaughtered dozens, including an Israeli Arab tourist at a nightclub in Istanbul on New Year’s eve, was caught during a special operation in Esenyurt, Turkish media are reporting.

The Uzbek attacker, Abdulgadir Masharipov, was captured by Turkish security forces late Monday at his friend’s house in the Esenyurt district of Istanbul, Daily Sabah reports.

The terrorist, who has been on the run since the Reina nightclub attack on December 31, was reportedly transferred to Istanbul Police headquarters.

After Masharipov fled the scene of the New Year’s eve massacre, the terrorist initially hid in a safe house, where his wife and children joined him. The attacker then took his 4-year-old son and went on the run.

The boy was alongside the shooter when security forces arrested him on Monday evening, Sondakika reports.

Masharipov resisted arrest, local media report, sharing a photo of the terrorist with bruises on his face.

Earlier this month, Turkish police released the identity of the Reina shooter announcing that Masharipov is of Uzbek origin and is known in terrorist circles as “Abu Muhammed Horasani.” Authorities believe that he is the person responsible for slaughtering 39 people and wounding 65 others in Istanbul during New Year’s eve celebrations.

A massive manhunt has been ongoing in Turkey ever since the shooter fled the scene after firing over 180 bullets at innocent people at the Reina night club. Most of the victims were foreigners while 11 were Turkish citizens. During the manhunt, Turkish anti-terror forces reportedly detained at least 35 suspects allegedly related to the attack.

Previously, the ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the New Year attack, saying it was revenge for Turkish military involvement in Syria.



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