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Bombing of Swedish police station ‘may be terror’

SWEDEN: The front of a police station in Helsingborg, was demolished by explosives shortly after midnight Wednesday morning, in a ‘may be terror’ attack which has been called an attack on democracy by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

This is the 4th bomb in 5 days in Sweden.


Terror in Finland: 2 murdered, multiple injured by Muslim terrorist screaming allahu akbar

Two people have been murdered after a Muslim terrorist armed with a knife stabbed several people in Finland before being shot by armed police.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing gunshots and seeing at least one person lying dead on the pavement.

In a video purporting to show the aftermath of the attack, a scream of what seems to be ‘allahu akbar’  can be heard as people run in the street.

Eight people are injured – including a woman with a pram.

Police shot the Muslim terrorist in the leg before arresting him, according to reports.


They are now looking for more terrorists.

The attack occurred in the city of Turku, in the southwest of the country.

‘The government is following the situation in Turku closely and a police operation is under way,’ tweeted Prime Minister Juha Sippila ahead of a cabinet meeting.

‘Police are looking for other possible perpetrators of the crime in Turku,’ security forces wrote on Twitter.

‘They ask the population to leave and avoid central Turku.’

Police have raised security at Helsinki airport and at train stations.



Manhunt for 18-year-old Barcelona Muslim terrorist who talked about killing infidels on social media

Police are still hunting the Muslim teen-terrorist behind the Barcelona terror attack which killed 13 and injured more than 100 people.

Moussa Oukabir, 18, is believed to have stolen his older brother’s identity documents to rent the white Renault van which later ploughed into pedestrians on a busy street popular with tourists.

The Muslim terrorist, said to be a Spanish national of Moroccan heritage, had previously written about ‘killing infidels’ in a chilling online post.

His brother Driss Oukabir, 28, was initially named as a suspect but later handed himself to a police station in Ripoll, a town to the north of Barcelona, not far from the French border.

The older brother, whose identity document is said to have been found in the van, was reportedly arrested after he told police his brother took his ID documents.

Anti-Semitic and anti-Israel posts were found on Driss Oukabir Facebook.

Moussa can be seen smiling and posing in images on his social media accounts, which he also used to air hatred for non-Muslims.

The teen-terrorist, reportedly a resident of Barcelona, posted on social network Kiwi that, if he was king of the world, his first act would be to ‘kill the infidels’.

After Moussa’s brother and another terrorist were detained yesterday, police arrested a third Muslim terrorist, a 34-year-old Moroccan, in Ripoll today. Moussa however is still on the run.


A security expert told the New York Times that police believe three vans were hired using the elder Oukabir brother’s ID, after the plotters were unable to hire a larger truck.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the atrocity on the city’s famous promenade, Las Ramblas.

Police launched ‘Operation Cage’ to capture those responsible for the terror attack.

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy tweeted: ‘The terrorists will never defeat a united people who love liberty over barbarity. All of Spain is with the victims and families.

‘I am heading to Barcelona. Maximum coordination to arrest the attackers, reinforce security and attend to those affected.’

Massacre in Barcelona: Muslim terrorists ram van into pedestrians, takes hostages

At least 13 people have been murdered and dozens injured after Muslim terrorists in Barcelona ploughed a van into pedestrians before two terrorists entered a restaurant with guns.

Police have confirmed that 32 people are injured, with Catalonia’s interior minister Joaquim Forn saying it is ‘very possible’ that the number of dead will rise because of the ‘very serious’ wounds to victims.

Gunfire was heard at the Corte Ingles store in the area after police announced a ‘massive crash’.

Police officers were said to be negotiating with two terrorists in a Turkish restaurant where they have taken hostages.

Officers were also searching for a second van the terrorists may have hired as a getaway vehicle.

The civil guard has said the van used in the terror attack was rented by a man named Driss Oukabir, in the town of Santa Perpetua de la Mogada.

Details to follow

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French government covering up murder of Jewish woman by her Muslim neighbor

The umbrella group of French Jewish communities escalated its criticism of authorities’ handling of the slaying of a Jewish woman by her Muslim neighbor, calling it a cover-up.

CRIF made the accusation in a short and poignant statement Wednesday containing four loaded questions concerning the April 4 killing of Sarah Halimi in Paris.

“The murder of Sarah Halimi was 85 days ago already and the investigation is not advancing. Why this silence? Why this omerta?” read the statement, which contained the Italian-language mafia term for a cover-up among accomplices. “What is being hidden? Why this denial of anti-Semitism?”

Prior to this week, CRIF had refrained from openly faulting the handling of the Halimi investigation, saying it was awaiting the conclusion of the police probe. In the past, it has criticized the proliferation of conspiracy theories by some Jewish groups and activists.

But that changed Monday, when CRIF President Francis Kalifat wrote in an op-ed published by Le Figaro that “there is evidence that this is a textbook case of an anti-Semitic murder but it is being covered up by an ‘omerta’ and this heinous crime has not been recognized for what it is.”

Halimi, he added, “was butchered for the sole and only reason that she was Jewish.”

Kalifat vowed to “never relent” and continue to pressure authorities “until the truth comes to light about this sordid murder.”

Halimi, a physician and kindergarten teacher in her 60s, was beaten savagely by Kobili Traore, 27, and then thrown to her death from a window of her third-story apartment.

Traore, whom neighbors testified shouted during the attack “Allah hu akbar,” was placed at a psychiatric institution as per his temporary insanity defense though he has no history of mental illness. Halimi’s daughter testified that he had called the daughter a “dirty Jew” two years ago.

A draft indictment drawn up against Traore by the public prosecutor’s office of Paris contained no mention of a hate crime, alleging only voluntary manslaughter with no aggravating circumstances. Sammy Ghozlan, a former police commissioner and head of the National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, told JTA that the police are not answering his group’s request for information on Traore’s whereabouts.

Many French Jews, including Ghozlan, said they feared justice and police officials, as well as the mainstream media, were trying to avoid drawing attention to the incident because of France’s presidential and parliamentary elections, which began on April 23 and ended on June 18. In those elections, the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron won decidedly against Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front far-right party, which critics say is anti-Muslim.

Magali Lafourcade, president of the French government’s National Consultative Commission on Human Rights, said in a radio interview earlier this month that she welcomes the debate over whether authorities downplay anti-Semitism and hate crimes. However, she said “we need to let the judiciary do its job” and detectives need time to review all aspects of the case.


French – Muslim terror cell members sentenced over Jewish grocery bombing

A French court on Thursday sentenced members of a jihadist network once considered among the country’s most dangerous to between one and 28 years in prison for a terror attack on a Jewish grocery store in 2012.

The “Cannes-Torcy cell”, named after the towns where its Muslim members were based, was accused of having planned several other terror attacks as well as seeking to join jihadist ranks in Syria before the network was dismantled in 2012.

Eighteen terrorists were found guilty and two were acquitted.

Analysts say the Cannes-Torcy network signalled a historic shift in France’s struggle against terrorism, to battling mass attacks by Islamic radicals inspired, or even guided, by foreigners.


During the hearing at a special anti-terror tribunal in Paris, the cell was described as “the missing link” between the self-proclaimed Al-Qaeda terrorist Mohamed Merah — who murdered three Jewish children and a teacher in a terror attack at their school in the southwestern city of Toulouse in 2012 — and the network that hit the Bataclan concert hall in 2015, murdering 130 people.

The prosecution demanded “exemplary punishments” for the cell, headed by Jeremie Louis-Sidney and described as a violent leader with a “boiling” hatred for Jews.

Police arrested two members of the network while investigating the grenade attack on a Jewish grocery in the Paris suburb of Sarcelles in September 2012.

Two masked terrorists threw a grenade into the shop, injuring four persons, but the fact that it rolled under a trolley prevented more casualties.

In the absence of Louis-Sydney, who was killed when police tried to arrest him in the eastern city of Strasbourg, the longest sentence was given to Jeremy Bailly, found guilty of throwing the grenade.

Kevin Phan, the group’s driver during the attack, was sentenced to 18 years in jail.

Sentences of 14 to 20 years’ imprisonment were given to gang members who had travelled to Syria, including Ibrahim Boudina, who spent sixteen months in Syria and was accused of “returning to commit an attack” on the Cote d’Azur.

Lawyers said the court had noted the diverse profiles of the twenty Muslims and converted Muslims, some of whom were from well-to-do families, and came from Algeria, Laos and France.

Terror in London: 3 Muslim terrorists eliminated after murdering 6 on London Bridge

 Three  Muslim terrorists wearing stab-proof vests drove a van int pedestrians at 50mph on London Bridge before attacking people with hunting knives.

Six people have been murdered and at least 30 have been left wounded following the 10:08pm terror attack. Staff at a packed pub locked the doors as the gang tried to smash their way in. One man was stabbed five times.

Assistant Commissioner of Met Police Mark Rowley confirmed that all three of the depraved Muslim terrorists were shot and eliminated within eight minutes of the first call to emergency services.

A picture taken outside the Wheatsheaf pub in Borough Market shows two of the terrorists lying dead – after being gunned down by cops.

Four explosions – confirmed by police by controlled blasts – were heard outside The Sun offices in London Bridge between 1:23am and 1:49am.

Witness Erick Siguenza told BBC News that one of the Muslim terrorists screamed “This is for Allah” as he went on his stabbing rampage.

The terrorists had metal canisters strapped to their chests which police chief Rowley confirmed were fake suicide vests.

Rowley confirmed that one officer was stabbed and seriously wounded by the terrorists but his injuries are not life threatening.

It has since been confirmed that the British Transport police officer was stabbed in the face.

Met police have confirmed that the attacks in London Bridge and Borough Market were “terror incidents.”

The NHS has confirmed that at least 20 people have been taken to hospital after suffering injuries.

Alex Shellum, a witness at Mudlark pub under London Bridge, described a horrifying attack in which a woman had her throat slit.

He said: “At around 10pm an injured woman came into the pub seeking assistance.

“She was bleeding heavily from the neck – it appeared that her throat had been cut.

“People sought to stem the bleeding and the pub was closed.

A bomb squad and a police helicopter arrived on the scene shortly after the attack.

The walking wounded were being taken by bus to Liverpool Street station.

A cab driver told The Sun that he was stuck at traffic lights when he saw a transit van smash into London Bridge.

He heard gunshots and said a police officer was hurt.



Norway demands PA to return money for women’s center named after female terrorist

Norway on Friday condemned the Palestinian Authority’s naming of a woman’s center in Shechem after a female terrorist who took part in the 1978 Coastal Road massacre terror attack, that killed 37 people. Oslo also asked the PA to repay money it provided for the center.

The move came just three days after US President Donald Trump, standing alongside PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem, said that peace “can never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded or rewarded.”

Norway’s Foreign Minister Borge Brende issued a sharp statement noting that the center, named after Dalal Mughrabi, received funding from Norway via the Palestinian Election Commission and UN Women to promote participation of women in elections. The center is in Burka, northwest of Shechem.

“‘The glorification of terrorist attacks is completely unacceptable, and I deplore this decision in the strongest possible terms. Norway will not allow itself to be associated with institutions that take the names of terrorists in this way. We will not accept the use of Norwegian aid funding for such purposes,” he said.

ShowImage (3).jpg

According to Brende, Norway asked that its logo be immediately removed from the building, and that “funding that has been allocated to the center be repaid.”

“We will not enter into any new agreements with either the Palestinian Election Commission or UN Women in Palestinian areas until satisfactory procedures are in place to ensure that nothing of this nature happens again,” he said.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon praised the Norwegian move as the “right step.”

“A strong position against the glorification of terrorists is an integral part of international efforts to stamp out terrorism. We recommend that the international community investigate very well where the money it invests in the Palestinian Authority is going, and expect that all the partners in this project act as Norway did.”

Manchester Muslim ISIS terrorist returned from Libya, received terror training in Syria

Revealed: How Muslim ISIS bomber Salman Abedi returned from Libya days before concert attack, received secret terror training in Syria and was seen as ‘face of hate’ among his Manchester neighbours.

British-born Abedi had spent time in a conflict zone – possibly Syria – before slaughtering 22 in a suicide bomb atrocity at Manchester Arena on Monday night.

A friend of Abedi, a Mancunian of Libyan descent, said the terrorist had returned from a three-week trip to Libya – also an ISIS hotbed – just days ago. He is understood to have made regular journeys to the North African country in recent years.

It was also claimed last night that he had travelled by train from London to Manchester on Monday in advance of the terror attack. This has raised suspicions that he may have met co-conspirators or been supplied with his explosive device by an as-yet-unidentified bombmaker.


French interior minister Gerard Collomb said this morning Abedi is believed to have travelled to Syria and had ‘proven’ links with ISIS.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the 22-year-old was known to intelligence services ‘up to a point’ and that it ‘seems likely’ he was not acting alone.

Rudd added: ‘It seems likely, possible, that he wasn’t doing this on his own so the intelligence services and the police are pursuing their leads in order to make sure they get all the information … that they need to keep us safe.

This morning French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb suggested British investigators had told their Paris counterparts that Abedi had probably travelled to Syria.

‘Today we only know what British investigators have told us – someone of British nationality, of Libyan origin, who suddenly after a trip to Libya, then probably to Syria, becomes radicalized and decides to carry out this attack,’ Collomb told BFMTV.


Pressed on how he knew Abedi had been in Syria, Collomb said this was the information that French and British intelligence services had.

Asked if he believed Abedi had the support of a network, Collomb said: ‘That is not known yet, but perhaps. In any case, (he had) links with Daesh (ISIS) that are proven.’

Prime Minister Theresa May said yesterday that troops will be deployed onto Britain’s streets amid fears of a further terror attack.

She raised the terrorism threat level to ‘critical’ – the highest possible rating – on amid fears another atrocity is ‘imminent’.


Abedi, who was born in Manchester after his religious Muslim parents fled Libya to escape the Gaddafi regime, had returned to Libya in the past week, a school friend told The Times.

The friend said: ‘He went to Libya three weeks ago and came back recently, like days ago.’

According to the Sun, sources fear Abedi took advantage of the war in Libya to travel across the Mediterranean to Syria – without the knowledge of British officials.

Abedi was known to the security services before he walked into the arena on Monday night and detonated a bomb packed with nails, nuts and bolts, killing 22 people including children as young as eight. He is also being probed over alleged ties to an ‘ISIS recruiter’ in Manchester.

Yesterday, police carried out a controlled explosion at his home in the Fallowfield area of south Manchester following a dramatic raid by dozens of officers on the red-brick semi.

Chemical experts were seen outside with specialist instruments amid fears that he could have obtained radioactive material.


According to the Mirror, Abedi was friends with Raphael Hostey, also known as Abu Qaqa al-Britani, who served as an ISIS recruiter until he was killed in 2016 in Syria by a drone strike.

They were said to be family friends and it is feared Hostey may have helped radicalize Abedi.

The imam of Didsbury Mosque, Mohammed Saeed revealed Salman stopped going to the mosque in 2015 as he objected to anti- ISIS comments.

He said: ‘Salman used to come to the mosque occasionally, he wasn’t particularly friendly towards me because he didn’t like my anti-ISIS sermons.

‘He didn’t like what I was saying and showed me the face of hate. He came to the mosque less and less after that.’


Police yesterday recovered CCTV of Abedi striding into the Manchester Arena with what officers believe was a home-made bomb

Amid a series of other revelations, it was claimed that his father – an airport security officer – had left the UK to fight in Libya.

Sources also said his mother had raised concerns about her son’s radical views before she herself left for Libya.

Within hours of the attack carried out by Abedi, police arrested his brother Ismail, 23, outside a Morrison’s in Chorlton, Manchester and last night they were quizzing him on suspicion of involvement in the bombing.

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