Two Arabs affiliated with terrorist cells in Judea and Samaria were charged by US courts on Thursday in connection with an American woman’s murder in the Jerusalem Forest in 2010.

The woman, Kristine Luken, along with friend, Kay Wilson, had been hiking in the woods when they were attacked and stabbed by the two Arab terrorists. The second woman survived and testified in 2011.

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On Thursday, murder charges were filed in a US District Court in Washington DC against Ayad Fatafta and Kifah Ghanimat , both 39 years old and from the Arab territories.

The terrorists were charged with murder of a US national outside the US.


Arrest warrants were issued, however, the two Arab terrorists were already convicted in Israel and are currently being held in an Israeli prison.

Fatafta was sentenced by Israeli courts to life plus twenty years, while Ghanimat was charged with two life sentences plus sixty years for the murder and another crime committed.

Luken, 44, held both US and UK citizenship. She had been visiting Wilson, a tour guide in Israel.