ISIS terrorists have turned the main Christian church in the Iraqi town of Tall Kayf into a base to train young recruits, including from nearby Mosul, local media reported Monday.

The Rudaw news agency reported, citing an eyewitness, that the children trained there were about 15 years old.

Jihadists used this church to train the “Caliphate’s children,” while being aware that the the Iraqi air forces and the US-led international coalition air forces would not bomb churches, where civilians could be located, the news agency added.

ISIS jihadists have destroyed and burnt most part of Christian churches in the town, however, this church still stands, despite the fact that the terrorists have left the area, according to the eyewitness.

The battle to retake Mosul from ISIS began in October, 2016. About 90 percent of the eastern part of the city has been recaptured by the Iraqi government forces while the western part remains in the hands of the terrorist group.