A Bedouin terrorist in his 20s was arrested on Thursday after snatching a weapon from a security guard at a tour company in Beer Sheva in a nationalistically-motivated attack.

The guard went outside to check the mailbox when the Bedouin terrorist jumped him from behind, snatched his weapon and wounded him. He then fled the scene.

Police closed off the city from all directions in search of the terrorist.

He was caught half an hour later when detectives in civilian clothes noticed a young man walking fast at the ONE shopping center in the city. When they asked him to stop, he tried to escape them, but they caught him after a short chase.

The gun, smeared with blood, was found hidden on his person.

The terrorist was taken in questioning. “It was the quick and determined reaction of the detectives that led to the arrest of the suspect and thwarted the possibility of him using the gun to harm civilians,” police said.