Teachers are being trained in how to deal with a terrorist attack amid fears ISIS terrorists could target schools in Britain.

Schools and communities have been on high alert following a string of terror attacks across Europe.

And the UK’s security level remains at ‘severe’, a rating which means a terror attack is likely.

Now Scotland Yard has expanded its training sessions for businesses to include schools and higher education facilities.

Thousands of secondary schools as well as more than 150 higher learning institutions will be offered the three-hour sessions, which aim to teach how to improve security against a possible attack.


A Met Police spokesman said: “As part of our ongoing response to the threat from violent extremism counter we have worked with senior representatives from businesses, sports and social venues, as well as other agencies, running table top exercise’s to help them evaluate, review and ultimately enhance their security plans.

“This has recently included educational establishments – particularly targeting higher education.”

Project Argus, which is led by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, previously targeted community groups in an effort to “reduce vulnerability” within the community.

But now the programme is being rolled out across the board over fears educational establishments could be targeted.


Just three months ago, a Doncaster school was sent a malicious message threatening to massacre its students in the name of Allah.

Scotland Yard said: “Experience shows us that terrorists target busy, well-populated places to ensure that attacks have a maximum impact.

“The business, and wider community have an invaluable role to play in our fight against terrorists, violent extremists and other criminals.

“Their staff are often the first people to spot signs that something is wrong and these table top exercises help organisations to formulate and refine their security and preparedness plans.”

Although the programme was not expanded in response to a specific threat, security chiefs have warned an attack on Britain is imminent.

On Sunday, security minister Ben Wallace warned ISIS could carry out a deadly chemical attack on the UK.

He said: “Experts have warned that their ambition is a mass casualty attack and they have no moral barrier to using whatever means possible.”

He also warned that he believe ISIS’s ambition was “mass casualty attacks” designed to harm and “terrorise as many people as possible.”

Wallace added: “They have no moral objection to using chemical weapons against populations and if they could, they would in this country.