Two Israeli Border Police officers were injured on Tuesday when a motorcycle rammed into them at a checkpoint near the Arab city of Jenin.

A man and a woman both around 20-years-old – were lightly to moderately wounded in the attack. An MDA helicopter evacuated the casualties from the scene.

Four Arab motorcyclists arrived at a makeshift checkpoint, which two of the motorcyclists bypassed and crashed into the guards. Some of the drivers were also reportedly injured.

Further details and circumstances surrounding the incident are unclear.

Initial reports indicated that the specific site of the incident was the Jalame junction, which is on a route used by many Arabs from the Palestinian Authority to enter Israel. It was also the scene of multiple terror attacks during the last wave of Arab terrorism.

However, the Ministry of Defense clarified that the junction was not the site of an attack, leading to an understanding that the incident occurred between Jenin and the junction, which is close to the crossing into Israel.