Kenya: Iranians workers charged with planning terror attack on Israeli embassy

Two Iranian nationals were indicted on terrorism charges Thursday after they were arrested filming the Israeli embassy in Nairobi, Kenya with the alleged intention of attacking it.

Sayed Nasrollah Ebrahimi, Abdolhosein Ghola Safafe, both employed at the Iranian embassy in Nairobi, and their Kenyan driver Moses Keyah Mmboga “were found taking video clips of the Israeli embassy … for the use in the commission of a terrorist act,” a charge sheet quoted by Reuters read.

“On November 29, along bishop road within Nairobi County in facilitation of a terrorist act, the three were found taking video clips of the Israeli embassy using mobile phones fitted with Micro line and 16 GB Micro SDC card, with the information intended for use in the committing of a terrorist act.”

“My clients pleaded not guilty and have been detained by the ATPU (Kenya’s Anti Terrorism Police Unit) for further interrogation,” defense lawyer Cohen Amanya was quoted as saying in the report.

The Iranian embassy could not be reached for comment.

Kenya has been regularly targeted by the Somalia-based Shabaab terrorists, the east African affiliate of  Al-Qaida branch, which is fighting to overthrow the internationally-backed government in Mogadishu.


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