The 16-year-old Arab terrorist who murdered Dafna Meir in front of her children was sentenced Wednesday night to life in prison and was ordered to pay Meir’s family one million, seven hundred and fifty thousand NIS.

The IDF’s spokesperson tweeted the news and said the IDF would stand with Meir’s family and “bring all the terrorist members to justice.”

In January, Morad Bader Abdallah Adis stabbed Dafna Meir, 38, to death in front of her teenage daughter inside their home in the Jewish community of Otniel.

Meir, a mother of six, was a nurse at Soroka University Medical Center in Beer Sheva.

Two days after the murder, Adis was arrested in his home, located three kilometers from the Jewish community of Otniel.

Prior to carrying out the deadly terror attack, the terrorist  watched “Palestinian television broadcasts which portrayed Israel as ‘killing young Palestinians,’” a statement from the Shin Bet said after he was captured.

“On the day of the murder, while under the influence of the programs he had been exposed to on Palestinian television, the minor decided to commit a stabbing attack with the goal of murdering a Jew,” the statement read.

Following the attack, the terrorist escaped from Otniel and arrived at his home. He noticed that he had blood on his left hand and washed it immediately. After that, he sat with his family and watched a movie.