Israeli police on Tuesday arrested three people suspected of organ trafficking following a months long undercover investigation into the suspected network.

Police said their investigation found that the three suspects located and recruited potential organ sellers, targeting people of low socioeconomic backgrounds in need of fast money, and convinced them to sell their kidneys to the black market operation.

The suspects also located people with financial means in need of kidney transplants as potential buyers, as well as recruited doctors to perform the illegal medical procedures.

The operation was said to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, police said.

Police conducted an undercover investigation into the ring over the course of several months, collecting evidence against three members of the network planning the medical procedure as well as “a large number of cases” in process at the recruitment and payment stages.

The three suspects were arrested on Tuesday and police searched their homes for evidence connecting them to the offenses.

The suspects will appear in court on Wednesday as the investigation continues.