The family home of a vocal critic of Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas was targeted by unidentified gunmen Friday night.

Damage was caused to the home but according to reports none of the occupants were injured.

Palestinian Authority activist Fadi Elsalameen currently resides in the US where he is a non-resident fellow at The Foreign Policy Institute at The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and is president of the Palestinian Security Project think tank focusing on the development of a Palestinian national security strategy.

He is originally from the Arab village of Samua, near Hevron, where the shooting took place.

Photographs of the home published on Facebook showed windows riddled with bullet holes.

Elsalameen became involved in politics in 1998, working as a participant in the international organization Seeds of Peace, which focuses on topics related to Middle East youth, conflict resolution, and extremism.

He has been outspoken against the current Palestinian Authority government in many forums and in 2011 published an article calling for Abbas’ resignation.

Palestinian Authority officials allied with Abbas have in the past accused Elsalameen of working with Abbas’ rival, Mohammad Dahlan, and of collaborating with Israel.