Italy’s Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, has described a UNESCO resolution on the Jewish nation’s connection to Jerusalem “incomprehensible and unacceptable” and said his officials should have voted against it.

Renzi said, “Saying the Jewish nation has no connection to Jerusalem, is like saying the sun creates darkness.”

Netanyahu said even the most absurd movies have their limits, and it’s important for countries to protect their honor and the truth and not participate in absurdity. He also added that this isn’t a political question, but an issue of historical facts.

Renzi said in the future he will work to influence European nations’ stance on votes of this type, and added he had spoken with Italy’s foreign minister about the matter as well.

“Netanyahu appreciates the leadership that Renzi showed and hopes this will be the beginning of a change in the international forums. Change will take many years, and there will be disappointments along the way. But there is no doubt we are seeing the first buds of a positive change,” said a spokesperson from Netanyahu’s office.

The executive board of UNESCO, the UN’s cultural, scientific and educational arm, backed the outrageous resolution on Tuesday.

The Italian prime minister’s remarks were welcomed by the Jewish community in Italy, the Israeli embassy, and the foreign ministry in Jerusalem.