Education Minister Naftali Bennett has instructed his Chief of Staff to set the wheels in motion for a hearing of a principal of a high school in East Jerusalem which is funded by his ministry after she shared pictures on her Facebook account which could amount to incitement.

The pictures she uploaded showed dead babies with the caption “Bank of aims of the Israeli war machines” next to accompanying images of so-called martyrs, jihad terrorists.

The Ministry of Education recently received word of the inflammatory upload from an education official affiliated with the school who reported that she had incited her students during school activities. Another report that the same principal shared on her account content inciting against Israel is currently being checked.

The instructions come shortly after the police arrested 55-year-old Arab soccer coach residing in East Jerusalem on suspicion of incitement and support for terrorist activities against Jews.


The arrest, made on Sunday , was carried out after players of the Hilal Al-Quds soccer team were photographed with the soccer coach while holding up a placard praising the Arab terrorist who shot and murdered Levana Malihi and Yossi Kirma in a terror attack in Jerusalem’s Ammunition Hill last week.

Among those who appeared in the soccer team’s photograph are also a principal of a boys’ junior high school in Issawiya, and a physical education teacher from a junior high school in Silwan.

One of the two teachers spoke of his appearance in the photo and said that he had not expressed support for a terrorist.

“I may have been in the photo but I do not care about such things. I’m a school teacher and I respect the school and the Ministry of Education. These things do not interest me.”

However, the Education Ministry said in response to the report, “If this is indeed correct, it is serious incitement. Minister Bennett has ordered that those involved are immediately summoned by the ministry’s director general for a clarification. Anyone who incites against Israel will not be employed in the field of education.”