Israeli fighter jets attacked Hamas terror targets in Gaza early Thursday in a retaliation over a rocket fired from Gaza that landed in southern Israel hours earlier.

The rocket landed in open terrain in the Eshkol regional council causing no injury or damage to property, local media reported.

“Israel Air Force aircraft targeted three Hamas posts in the northern Gaza Strip,” an army statement said.

“The Israel Defenדe Forces hold Hamas responsible and accountable for all attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip.”

Earlier on Wednesday evening, a projectile fired from Syria hit the northern Israeli Golan Heights, the Israeli army reported.

Wednesday’s projectile marked the seventh such incident of cross-border fire to take place in the just over a week.

No injures were reported in the latest projectile incident.

The incident comes after Israel’s air force targeted Syrian army artillery positions in the central Golan Heights on Tuesday night after three projectiles landed in Israel earlier in the day.

Last month Israeli Air Force hit dozens of Hamas terror targets in the northern Gazan city of Beit Hanoun in response to an earlier rocket fired into Israel by a rogue Salafi group in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

A rocket fired by a Salafi group pledging allegiance to ISIS  landed on a street in between two houses in the southern Israeli town of Sderot.

The IDF said its immediate response to the rocket fire included both an air strike and artillery fire, including shelling a water tower speculated to have been used as an observation post.

An IDF spokesperson confirmed the second round of strikes, emphasizing Israel was holding Hamas responsible for every act of aggression issuing from Gaza.