Hamas Spokesman’s Facebook page has been blocked

Hamas Spokesman Husam Badran normally congratulated terror attacks and praised Shahids on his Facebook page, but recently the Facebook administration has removed his page from the web. Badran, who issues statements on the behalf of Hamas’s Political Bureau abroad, was a senior-level official in Hamas’s military wing in Judea-Samaria who was imprisoned in Israel and was released as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange.

“We congratulate the unique heroic act that took place near Ramallah,” Badran announced following a terror attack last June. “We and all our people see with the utmost honor and appreciation the pure hands that held the resistance and directed the fire towards the occupier, despite all the difficulties and challenges in the West Bank.”

Recently, several Israelis were blocked from Facebook for allegedly violating the social network’s rules. Meanwhile, a request submitted by Israelis to remove a Facebook page called “Stabbing Israelis” was refused by the company. The page was eventually removed following publications on the matter in Israel.

The official reason due to which Facebook has decided to remove the page of the Hamas Spokesman is still unknown, but the decision apparently came following complaints of incitement to terror and violation of the social network’s rules.

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  1. Facebook routinely refuses to remove outright racist pages and posts. Bravo for finally getting an appropriate action. I believe a large number of reviewers are Muslim and hate Jews, or regressive liberals who hate Jews.


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